The Association for Parrot C.A.R.E.

What a glorious existence to be a parrot!


Is there anything more liberating than the ability to fly?


More exhilarating than to see in vivid color?


Or more fulfilling than living in a large extended family being groomed daily and (often) mating for life?


Perhaps more important, being a parrot means access to the greatest selection of the world’s most delicious and varied exotic foods foraged throughout the day.


This is, indeed, the life of a parrot – at Serenity Park our rescued parrots’ home.  At Serenity Park Veterans care for the parrots in large outdoor aviaries called habitats.  Here at Serenity Park we provide fresh eucalyptus to chew on, bottomless boxes made of formaldehyde fee wood, large forage trays of fruits and vegetables, fresh seeds, fresh nuts, hot food in the morning, and interaction with human companions as defined by the parrots’ behavior.

We are always looking to expand and offer new space to the parrots in need, but we must build the enclosure first and that’s why you our supporters are so important to our success.  Please feel free to contact us at to get more details.

Dr. Lindner

Dr. Lindner


Her impact has been felt by both by the veterans and the birds whom she loves. Dr. Lindner’s newest creation the “Warriors and Wolves” program at shows that ecopsychology has a true impact on both species. -Andrew Pillas

Serenity Park

Private tours available by donation. Contact